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Ask any Kiwi what their favourite hummus or dip is, and you’re guaranteed to hear “Lisa’s”.

Renowned for premium authentic ingredients and a vast range of mouth-watering flavour combinations, the Lisa’s of today has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

Founded in 1990 by Lisa Err – an entrepreneurial young Auckland mum – Lisa’s quickly became a household name representing the easy style of home entertainment in New Zealand.

After Lisa sold the business in 2002, Lisa’s Hummus and Dips formed the first building block of the Life Health Foods family, kicking off our mission to bring fresh new tastes and healthy meal and snack options to the Kiwi table.

To this day, Lisa’s Hummus is guided by its entrepreneurial spirit and founding principles – the wholesome quality of the hummus and dips remains true to the original from Lisa’s home kitchen, with the products made daily from fresh and premium ingredients. We do everything we can to retain the original fresh spirit of optimism and the uncomplicated way in which we set out to offer our food.

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